Saamise aegMaksimum summaIntressimäär(%)*Min SummaVanuseline
15 min. € 10000
Taotle Laenu
10 % € 500 18-75 10 p.
15 min. € 2000
Taotle Laenu
16 % € 50 18-70 5-12 p.
15 min. € 2000
Taotle Laenu
24 % € 100 22 - 70 67 kuu
15 min. € 4000
Taotle Laenu
26 % € 500 22-70 12-84 p.
15 min. € 2000
Taotle Laenu
10 % € 300 18-60 90-720 p.

Compensa is a compensa in the western part of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. It is the largest district in the western section of the city and one of the largest neighborhoods in terms of population.

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They gave him ten dollars to compensate him for his trouble. He compensated his homely appearance with great personal charm. His occasional courtesies did not compensate for his general rudeness. Europe by reaching East Asian markets. Meaning «to recompense, remunerate» is from 1814. La educación temprana puede compensar ciertas condiciones adversas en la vida del niño. Early education can compensate for adverse circumstances in the child’s life.

Tendremos que conversar todo el día para compensar todo este tiempo sin vernos. We’ll have to spend all day chatting to make up for all the time we’ve lost. Será necesario importar pescado para compensar la actual escasez. There is a need to import fish to offset the current shortage.

Te hice un pastel para compensarte por toda tu ayuda. I baked you a cake to repay you for all your help. 10,000 para compensarlo por los daños sufridos. 10,000 to compensate him for the damages suffered.

El banco ya compensó el cheque con que me pagaste y el dinero ya está en mi cuenta. The bank cleared the check you gave me as payment and the money is now in my account. Por lo poco que pagan, no compensa manejar hasta allá para trabajar todo el día. For so little pay, it’s not worth it to drive all the way there and work all day. No compensa volar más de cinco horas hasta Boston para regresar al día siguiente. It is not worth my while flying over five hours to Boston only to return the following day.

Todo lo que he sufrido se compensa cuando veo la felicidad de mi hijo. All my suffering is compensated when I see my son’s happiness. Las pérdidas en las ventas de algunos artículos se compensaron con mayores ganancias en otros. Losses due to decrease in sales for some items were canceled out by increases in others.

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need? Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service may be eligible for a variety of VA benefits, including disability compensation for diseases associated with exposure. Agent Orange» refers to a blend of tactical herbicides the U. Vietnam and around the Korean demilitarized zone to remove trees and dense tropical foliage that provided enemy cover. Herbicides were also used by the U. VA and federal law presumes that certain diseases are a result of exposure to these herbicides. This «presumptive policy» simplifies the process for receiving compensation for these diseases since VA foregoes the normal requirements of proving that an illness began during or was worsened by your military service.