Kristin Korjus — Part 2

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This is a list of notable Polish Americans, including both original kristin Korjus — Part 2 who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants. Helena Modjeska, an actress who specialized in Shakespearean roles. Ralph Modjeski, the son of Helena Modjeska bridge designer in the United States.

Engineer Casimir Gzowski deported to USA from Austrian Partition creator International Railway Bridge the first railway connection between USA and Canada. Casimir Zeglen inventor the first bulletproof vest. Erazm Jerzmanowski founder of gas companies in Chicago, Baltimore and Indianapolis. The richest Pole in USA in the 19th century. Nikita, Mission: Impossible III, Die Hard 4. Benda Polish painter, illustrator, and designer, naturalized American in 1911.

Chief Executive Officer of Warner Bros. He’s Polish on his mother’s side. Rush, son of Jewish holocaust survivors from Poland. Marcin Kleczynski, CEO and co-founder of American Internet security company, Malwarebytes.

Francis Stanley «Gabby» Gabreski was a U. Army Air Corps and later U. Marine Corps lieutenant general whose last assignment was as the Commander of U. 1777 until his death, he fought in the American Revolutionary War for the independence of the U. Army General and ambassador Chief U. Warsaw, Poland and emigrated to the U.

Democratic politician from Maine, served as Governor of Maine, a U. Dianetics and Scientology, and controls the copyrighted teachings of Scientology founder L. American mathematician specializing in differential geometry and gauge theory. Maria Siemionow, Polish surgeon who performed the first face transplant surgery in the U. Major League Baseball who played his entire career for the St.

Major League Baseball player who played 22 seasons for the St. Duke University men’s basketball team and the 2008 gold medal-winning U. University of Notre Dame, Buffalo Bills, and St. 5th at the 1997 Masters as well as a tie for 17th at the 1997 U. This list of actors with Academy Award nominations includes all male and female actors with Academy Award nominations for lead and supporting roles in motion pictures, and the total nominations and wins for each actor. Nominations in non-acting categories, such as for producing, directing or writing, are not included. The award information is available on the Academy Awards website via dynamically-generated lists for specific actors, and for each year’s nominees and winners via a scrolling timeline of all ceremonies.

A total of 928 actors appear in the list—467 males and 461 females. Non-winning nominees include 317 males and 310 females—a total of 627. One time winners include 129 males and 131 females—a total of 260. Only 42 actors—22 males and 20 females—are multiple Academy Award winners. Katharine Hepburn won four times from twelve nominations—all for lead roles—making her the actor with the most wins in Academy Awards history.

Daniel Day-Lewis has won three times from six lead actor nominations—the most wins for any male in the lead actor category. Meryl Streep is the most-nominated actor of all with twenty one nominations. Jack Nicholson has received the most Academy Award nominations for any male actor with twelve nominations. Both actors have had three wins which included two for lead roles and one for a supporting role. The latest winner’s names appear in bold font. An italicized First or Last year indicates the listed film’s year of release when it is the first or latest nomination of an actor with multiple nominations, otherwise the film year is provided after the film title in parentheses. The initial sort order is by actor surnames.

Clicking the same column heading a second time sorts in the reverse order. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Browsers with IE10 less can not be used on this site. This is a list of notable Polish Americans, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants. Helena Modjeska, an actress who specialized in Shakespearean roles.