Parim laen; mini credit

Saamise aegMaksimum summaIntressimäär(%)*Min SummaVanuseline
15 min. € 10000
Taotle Laenu
10 % € 500 18-75 10 p.
15 min. € 2000
Taotle Laenu
16 % € 50 18-70 5-12 p.
15 min. € 2000
Taotle Laenu
24 % € 100 22 - 70 67 kuu
15 min. € 4000
Taotle Laenu
26 % € 500 22-70 12-84 p.
15 min. € 2000
Taotle Laenu
10 % € 300 18-60 90-720 p.

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The Graduate School of Theology exists to equip students to live and minister in multiple cultures through individual research, personal scholarship, and cultural awareness. It does so by providing advanced, in-depth, specialized study of the Bible and related subjects at the post-bachelor’s degree level. The Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology offers programs designed for ministers, ministerial students, and laypersons who desire in-depth study in the area of biblical education at a college degree level. Berean School of the Bible is an adult continuing education program that exists to help believers fulfill God’s call on their lives by providing high quality, affordable preparation for church leadership, lay ministry, and personal enrichment within the context of the local church and community. Berean School of the Bible is integral to Global University’s facilitation of life-long learning for all believers. The purpose of Global University’s School for Evangelism and Discipleship is to reach the lost, using every medium available.

Evangelism materials range from comic books and children’s curriculum to books designed to reach college students and intellectuals. Used in more than 175 countries in over 120 languages, these materials are unsurpassed in accomplishing the tasks of evangelism and discipleship. Global University is both an educational and a missions driven institution. We go to areas where there is no adequate Bible training for pastors so the lost can learn the truth of God. The university depends on God and on the faithful support of donors to carry on with missions projects around the world. Global University is seeking comments from the public in preparation for its periodic evaluation by its regional accrediting agency.

Global is continuing its commitment to its students by locking in tuition rates for the next three years starting January 1, 2019, and continuing through December 31, 2021. Global University’s mission today: «Reach the lost, train the found. To learn more about how Global University is working to equip those who will preach the Good News around the world, click here. Stratton parts with a superior online shopping experience. You owe it to yourself to see how far mowing technology has come.

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