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Vähetuntud jutt pajatab kuidas loojajumal Wiracocha saatis oma neli poega ja neli tütart Pacaritambo mäest meie maailma, et leida sobilik paik pealinna ehitamiseks. Saaks kiiremini, kuid nõlv on täis sipelgatena üles- ja alla minejaid. Most of the material for the new buildings came from demolished Incan temples and houses. Collecting salt in such a way for centuries has transformed Maras into a fantastic landscape.

This lesser known story starts with Wiracocha sending out his four sons and four daughters from Pacaritambo mountain to find a suitable place for a new capital. Brothers and sisters who were also married to each other received a golden staff that was supposed to sink in the ground at a right place. Ayar Cachi, the eldest one whose powerful slingshots could crush mountain tops and generate thunder in the sky made his siblings jealous.

Together they deviously decided to lock him in a cave. Ayar Cachi is still imprisoned and Incas thought that earthquakes were his fits of rage. Others journeyed on fat burner kurus years later they still had not discovered the right place.

One day fat burner kurus reached an enormous cave.

A stone idol stood in front of it, oozing powerful energy. They planned to enter the cave and pray but before Ayar Uchu decided to challenge the idol. Having touched the stone sculpture, he started turning into stone. Before the complete transformation fat burner kurus asked his siblings to dedicate one day in a year to remembering him. Huarachico is celebrated when a boy reaches adulthood and considered the fat burner kurus of Ayar Uchu. Rest of the group moved on and having wandered for a long time the third brother grew wings.

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Ayar Auca was able to fly further than others could walk and in his pride, he flew farther and higher. Landing next to it he was petrified as well.

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Ayar Manco, the only remaining brother continued with his sisters. Their next resting place was on a small mountaintop next to a picturesque valley.

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As they sat down, they noticed the golden staff sinking into the ground. Inca capital Cusco was raised on that location.

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In Quechua Cusco means the navel of the world. Ayar Manco became the first Inca ruler Manqu Qhapaq. Discovering the historic streets of Cusco a cold wind urges to draw my jacket a bit more tightly around myself. It was the beginning of December when I reached Cusco and my plan was to spend the holidays in one of the kaalulanguse juhatus popular destinations in Kaalulangus parast remeroni peatamist. Spanish colonial architecture was prevalent throughout the old town.

Smooth two- or three-story buildings decorated with rich wooden balconies and baroque doors were dressing up the city in splendidly rich pastel colours.

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The centre of Cusco is Plaza de las Armas and this is the favourite meeting point for the locals and tourists alike. He started the big expansion over all west coast of South America and during his reign a kingdom became an empire. Half of the plaza is surrounded by two churches.

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Cusco Cathedral is built on the ruins of the temple of Wiracocha that Spaniards destroyed. The sheer size of this gothic and renaissance style building is impressive.

Although, the main portal is lavishly decorated then the two massive towers and the simple design feel oppressive standing fat burner kurus to the entrance. Every day people gather on the large stairs in front of the cathedral. Some take a small break, some are there to meet friends, some come to sell trinkets and souvenirs, and some just sit and watch passers-by. This is the image that I get in fat burner kurus head when somebody mentions Cusco. It acts as a sharp contrast to the cathedral.

With a beautiful decorative façade, main portal that reminds a high altar and luxuriously decorated towers with double pillars and more piasters that one can count, it feels light and majestic.

But who am I?

This church is one of the best examples of baroque architecture in South America. Lower part of the building mirrors an Incan temple, built from massive smooth dark stones and on top of it sits a South-European fat burner kurus mansion.

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After Spaniards conquered the city extensive building efforts were on the way. Most of the material for the new buildings came from demolished Incan temples and houses. These stones were used to build foundations and first floors of new Spanish homes.

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As I ventured further up the hill towards the edge of the historic centre the contrast between the colonial town and Incan capital became stronger.

Moving closer towards San Blas area I left the churches and smooth houses behind and suddenly found myself in front of a massive stone wall. This small street, full of camera clicking tourists, small souvenir shops, and locals dressed up like Incan warriors fat burner kurus one of the few places in Cusco where one can marvel at the mastery of Incan architects. Stones that weigh several tons have been cut and smoothed fat burner kurus only bronze and copper tools.

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What makes this even more impressive is that usually these stones have more corners that four and some can even have up to twelve angles. Architects also hid riddles in these walls.

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After staring at the wall for about fifteen minutes we were able to see the shapes of a snake, a lama, and a condor. This feline symbolises Kay Pacha or our realm.

Puma was considered the embodiment of strength, wisdom, and patience.

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Most relevant traits in our world. Slimming cheer Pacha or the realm of the sky was symbolised in a condor and Ukhu Pacha or the underworld was represented as a snake.

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The head and the most important sector of the city was fat burner kurus main temple complex Saqsayhuaman or as locals and tourists call it — sexy woman. There on top of the hill with a spectacular view over surrounding area, Incas decided to build a castle, a large temple complex, sacrificial areas, and a gargantuan square. Before Incas raised their megalithic buildings there was a small settlement there already.

Not a lot is known from Killke culture, but when Incas were building Saqsayhuaman, they used and rebuilt some of the structures that were already present. This awe-inspiring place became one of the most important religious locations in Incan empire and now it acts as invaluable research site for Incan culture and history.

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The strategic importance of Saqsayhuaman was proven by Spaniards when Manco Inca tried to reclaim Cusco but failed. Outnumbered Spaniards fortified themselves in the castle. The strategic advantages were so great that overwhelming Incan army was unable to capture two small entrances to Saqsayhuaman. The complex itself was built so well that neither an army, earthquakes nor time has been able to destroy its gigantic walls.

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