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Mulle tundub, et see kott ja see väga sang seal juures teevadki sellest outfit'ist midagi hoopis muud ja ilmselt muudaks absoluutselt iga suvalise päeva outfit'i kohe 10x lahedamaks. Yesterday J finally got the change to play with the starting 11 at the national team! Mulle meeldis, kuidas seeliku alt jäi kleidipits paistma, mis andis välimusele kohe nii palju detaili juurde ja viimaks lisasin juurde veel Guess'i õlakoti ja see oh.

So this time I picked out my favourites from Kaubamaja's webshop - some winter jackets, coats, over knee boots and ankle boots.

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I'm really craving for the Hugo Boss jacket and Michael Kors boots. The Hugo Boss jacket is so awesome with the logo all the way down in front and it looks so warm and the M. Kors boots have these really cool sar studs and we all know this kind of military-like boots are so in fashion this season. I also really loved all the colours, especially that pink wool jacket from Sand Copenhagen and the Desiqual super bright red winter jacket.

Both are really trendy pieces right now. Also added a little bit of classics like the robe-like black coat, simple nude trench and over knee boots all with interesting colour or design. I'm also a really big fan of low heel over slimming ski jakid right now and of course fuzzy shearling coats as like I'm surprised by how huge the selection of basic, trendy or classic pieces Kaubamaja has online, so it's definitely my must-see place slimming ski jakid I need something new from outerwear or boots!

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Seekord valisin välja oma lemmikud Kaubamaja netipoest - mõned talvejoped, mantlid, üle põlve saapad ja poolsaapad. Parimateks paladeks valiksin ma ise kindlasti selle Hugo Boss'i talvejope ja Michael Kors'i tanksaapad.

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Hugo Boss'i jopel on nii äge logode jada, mis läheb jope eest ülevalt päris alla välja, ja M- Kors'i tanksaabastel on lahedad tähekujulised needid ja muidugi me kõik teame, kui moes sellises stiilis saapad see hooaeg on. Tore oli näha nii palju rõõmsaid värve, millest lemmikuimad olid roosa mantel Sand Copenhagen'ilt ning väga erkpunane Desiqual'i talvejope.

Mõlemad on super trendikad ülerõivad hetkel. Lisasin nende hulka ka mõned klassikalised esemed nagu hommikumantli lõikega must mantel, lihtne beez trenchcoat ning üle põlve slimming ski jakid igasugu erinevate lõigete ja värvidega. Ma olen hetkel tohutu madala kontsaga üle põlve saabaste fänn ja muidugi ka karvaste shearling mantlite austaja. Üllatav oli nöha kui suur valik hooajaliste, klassikaliste ja basic asjade valik Kaubamaja netipoes ikka on.

Vesi • Sadoun Sales International

Kindlasti on see mu go-to koht nüüdsest, kui on vaja leida uusi saapaid või ülerõivaid! Me and Marii-Heleen spent a super fun day at Tallinn's Kaubamaja, where we introduced our favourite campaign outerwear pieces and boots on Kaubamaja's Instagram.

Быть может, октопауки решат поделиться с нами своим секретом.

After all you have all these cool high end foreign and domestic brands lined up at Kaubamaja and also for example Canada Goose, which is probably the most necessary brand in our climate. A discount on that one is a pretty slimming ski jakid deal! So I picked out my favourite coat and Marii picked a winter jacket.

Sadoun Sales International

The decision was pretty hard, since Kaubamaja has such a huge selection of beautiful coats, which makes the picking process both great but also made me completely indecisive. I'm poletage rasva sailitamine fan of minimalism, so my first pick was a beige oversized coat by Sand Copenhagen, but then I passed this spotty By Malene Birger slimming ski jakid at the store and immediately decided that I will step out of my minimalism box and show some awesome design instead!

This By Malene Birger coat has these really cool splits on the sides, which move in a fun way when the coat is open from the front. The designer has also planned something for those who love to often wear coats on shoulders for example me! I've been a fan of this Danish brand since I moved to Sweden and got familiar with it and after all these years the brand still doesn't disappoint - the pieces are gorgeous and everything has been thought of!

Of course it's a pretty pricy coat, but at the same time it's a worthy investment as the quality is really good and the coat is wearable on everyday basis but also on more formal events.

If needed, it could be the star of the whole outfit! You can't find the coat online though, but multiple numbers are available in stores. The ladies section at Kaubamaja hides so many stunning treasures so happy campaign-shopping until Sunday! Veetsime eile Marii-Heleen'iga toreda päeva Tallinna Slimming ski jakid, kus tutvustasime Kaubamaja Instagramis oma lemmikuid ülerõivaid slimming ski jakid saapaid kampaania raames.

Kaubamajas on ju siiski saadaval mitmed välismaised kui ka kodumaised ägedad disainbrändid ning ka meie kliimas ülivajalikud Canada Goose joped, mille puhu sellinel allahindlus on väga magus kaalulangus hacker. Mina valisin üles pildistamiseks välja oma lemmikmantli ja Marii siis jope.

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Valik oli väga raske, kuna slimming ski jakid ilusate mantlite hulk Kaubamajas on tohutu, mis teeb asja nii toredaks kuid samas ka täiesti otsustusvõimetuks. Ma ise fännan väga minimalismi ning olin kindel, et liivakarva oversize lõikes Sand Copenhagen saab mu lemmikuks kuid siis kõndisin mööda sellest By Malene Birger laigulisest mantlist ning otsustasin, et ma astun oma minimalismi box'ist välja ja näitan pigem super vinget disaini!

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Sellel By Malene Birger mantlil on ägedad lõhikud külgedel, mis avatud mantliga tuule käes liiguvad ja on mõeldud ka neile, kel meeldib kanda mantleid kaalulangus 4 paeva parast ka õlgadel näiteks mina! Olen olnud selle Taani brändi austaja Rootsi kolimisest saadik ning pärast neid aastaid ei pea ikka pettuma - kõik on ilus ja kõigele on mõeldud!

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Tegemist on muidugi üsna hinnaka mantliga, aga samas on see väärt investeering, kuna kvaliteet on väga hea ja mantel sobib kandmiseks nii igapäevaselt slimming ski jakid ka pidulikemal juhtudel, olles slimming ski jakid vajadusel ka outfit'i täht!

Kaubamaja netipoest seda ei leia, aga poes on veel mitmed numbrid saadaval. Nagu näha on Kaubamaja suures naisteosakonnas peidus palju imekauneid aardeid seega rõõmsat kampaaniashoppamist pühapäevani!

Kakaod |

It was raining heavily non-stop from morning to night everyday so the possibility to take any outfit photos was zeroed up. But I managed to snap one of my outfits at least and here it is! I grabbed a few gorgeous River Island pieces with me from Polhem PR Showroom and decided to wear one of these to fashion week's day 2. I paired the gorgeous RI embellished long jacket with a black asymmetrical dress pierced with hoops all over and my newest pair of Misspap sock boots.

These boots have slimming ski jakid so popular as so many of you have asked for them by now, so I'm happy to share the direct lnk to them above! Amazing stuff! When discussing the rest of the Tallinn Fashion Week outfits then I will be posting these here tomorrow from the photo wall that was inside the venue. That's all I have but it's something right!?


So today it's darkness all over Europe, as well as Tallinn, as I understood. It looks like midnight when the clock is only 3pm, but hey, I have a long day of work on my laptop anyway, so I guess I should be happy I don't even want to step a foot outside more than twice today?

Defiitely no possibility to shoot new photos haha!

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Hope this goes away by tomorrow when I have so many plans ahead with photoshoots and another Instagram takeover at Kaubamaja!

The campaign for this week is outerwear, pants and boots where they have good discounts and really good offers rom Wednesday to Sunday! More about it on their Instagram already tomorrow when me and marii will present the hottest pieces! Taevast kallas vihma mitu päeva järjest ilma peatumata ja hommikust ööni välja, mis nullis täielikult võimalused outfit'i piltideks.

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Siiski suutsin ühel hetkel ära teha pildid vähemalt ühe oma TFW look'iga ja siin see on! Krabasin mõned imeilusad riided Polhem PR Showroom'i RIver Island'i väljapanekust ning otsustasin kanda ühte neist ka fashion week'ile. Panin ägeda kaunistatud RI pika jaki kokku asümmeetrilise musta kleidiga, mis on rõngastega tihedalt 'needistatud' ning lisasin ka mu uusimad Misspap'i sokksaapad.

CADIA Outdoor Warm Clothing Heated For Riding Skiing Fishing Charging Via Heated Coat

Need saapad on muutunud nii popiks, sest nii paljud on juba nende järele küsinud ja väga hea meel on nüüd jagada ülal ka otselinki nendeni! Tõsiselt vinge kollektsioon seekord!

Rääkides teistest Tallinn Fashion Week'i outfit'idest, siis ma ikkagi homme panen need siia üles fotoseina äärest, mis Vaba Lava's saada oli. Teisiti ma neid pildile ei saanudki, aga ajab vast asja ära eks!? Kui õigesti aru saan, siis täna on vist kogu Euroopas pilkane pimedus, nagu ka Tallinnas.

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Väljas oleks nagu öö kuigi kell on alles 3 päeval, aga noh, mul on täna palju tööd läapakas teha, seega peaks vist pigem hea meel olema, et ei pea täna oma jalga rohkem kui kaks korda välja tõstma? Kohe kindlasti ei tule uute piltide tegemine kõne alla haha! Loodan, et see kole asi homseks ära läheb, kuna ees ootab üks vahva pildistamine ja samuti ka uus Kaubamaja Instagram'i takeover! Selle nädala kampaania hõlmab ülariideid, pükse ja saapaid, millel on siis head allahindlused ja põnevad pakkumised kolmapäevast pühapäevani!

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Rohkem infot saate juba homme Kaubamaja Instagram'ist kus näete mind ja Marii'd parimaid palasid tutvustamas! Really love that sweater from Misspap as it has the perfect bright red shade!

You can wear it both off-shoulder and up too and it can be styled with so many things, but I kind of like the look with the leather immitation Calvin Klein jeans the most. Not really happy with my hair these days though. I had to cut it so much shorter last time at the hairdresser's because the ends were seriously damaged, but Slimming ski jakid really really miss my long hair now, even though hair is healthy now.

Meryl Mägi | FASHION

Guess it might be because I spent a year getting my hair to grow again a few years back and it made me value my long hair so much. Might be such a basic girl problem haha! Hey but there's something I would much more love to talk about!

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